Providing web design, social media, and online marketing for small businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and personal websites

Setting up a new website can be hard to do! I can make a very attractive website like my website here. I'm more than happy to help you every step of the way, from registering your domain name, setting up your web hosting, design your website, add Google Analytics, social media and all the fiddly bits in-between.

Whether you want a simple website or the full works, check out my 6 packages and add-ons, or feel free to ask for an online quote to discuss your needs and budget.

Responsive Web Design

Range of devices

Having your website viewable on any electronic device is strongly recommended, as these days users don't always use a computer to access your website. In fact, if your website is not mobile-optimised, you are neglecting around 15% or more potential visitors. There is a growing multitude of devices that people use to interact with your brand. My responsive design technique ensures your website adapts to whatever screen size it is displayed on. It is very popular as many people are using a variety of devices all over in the world, and this is growing daily.

Social Media Marketing

Range of social media

Connect your customers with social media.

There are many forms of social media marketing; from Facebook, to Twitter, to YouTube, and even LinkedIn, among others, and it's quite overwhelming! I can help provide you with guidance in this area.

Google Search Engine Optimisation & Google Analytics

Add Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into your website as standard, to ensure your content is fully indexed by search engines. This is such a key part to any website project.

Search Engine Optimisation & Google Analytics

Once your website is launched, it's vital that you have access to statistical data so you know how your website is performing. It is required to add Google Analytics into your website; to ensure you have the full picture of how your website is performing; where potential clients come from, which devices they are using and to improve your understanding of who to target your audience.